going really old school on you guys now ;) http://katiebanks.com

i love glass…. 

sexy office lady ;) http://katiebanks.com

Have your girls ever popped out of your bra?

that’s like asking if it has ever rained where I live :P lol of course they have :P 

I know you and Kara don't live too close to each other but are there any future plans on seeing her or her coming to you?

heheh perhaps ;) we are working on it not to worry! i miss that sexy little blonde! 

Hey Katie, my gf would like to know where you get all of your shoes from. Shes a sucker for pumps, but cant find a store that she likes with them. Can you help us out?

I usually get mine off amazon there are lots of great sellers on there. My fav brand is Steve Maddens :) 

Do YOU Have Any Pics With Bryci?

of course I do ;) Http://KatieBanks.com is loaded with our hot girl girl loving!! 

Where are you from? Soo sexy

I am Canadian born and raised! love it here 

Hey Katie any chance of seeing more of you in those white thigh high boots?

you bet! I have a killer pair of white kinky ones but I am in the marked for new white boots too so soon ;) always some up at http://katiebanks.com or check http://bellagals.com/katiebanks

on 2nd thought my hands a little busy ;) 

on 2nd thought my hands a little busy ;)